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Never Go Hungry Again

The difference between and industry and random entrepreneurs with small businesses is connections. Being involved in the fashion world I have witnessed this evolution.  Say what you will about the numerous fashion weeks we have every year it has provided a platform for … Continue reading

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Gourmet Vacation Relived

Most people go on vacation to relax. I go to eat. My two week trip to Cape Town, South Africa was amazing. Its a beautiful place. Paradise for nature and animal lovers. And especially for food lovers. I didn’t want … Continue reading

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Sophie’s Choice with Stilettos

My heart is torn in two. Now I know how those girls in tv shows and rom coms feel, the ones who have 2 great guys lusting after them. Since nothing like that has ever happened to me (and probably never … Continue reading

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Guest Post: My Mom’s Fruit Chat by Saneeya Moin

  I have always been very passionate about fruits, especially citrus ones, pomegranate and oranges being my all time favourites. There is such a large variety of fruits in the market that one can never have enough. Fruits make my … Continue reading

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food hunting made easy

Television without pity is my touchstone for tv news and recaps. IMDB for movies. And Tv tropes for to explain it all. fulfills my fashion needs I get all my news from express tribune. Karachi snob helps me shop. But its … Continue reading

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Nipple Cookies

  Thesea are actually called peanut butter blossoms. But Anisa thought they looked like nipples and this is what everyone calls them now Got the idea from my sister’s brand name cookbook. Which is the first cookbook i ever loved. … Continue reading

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Fly, but not too high

Pixar has spoiled me. Because this studio continually raises its own bar I have come to associate digitally animated films with well written characters, poignant and heartfelt dialogue and layered and nuanced story telling. I should not. Rio does not … Continue reading

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