Guest Post: My Mom’s Fruit Chat by Saneeya Moin


I have always been very passionate about fruits, especially citrus ones, pomegranate and oranges being my all time favourites. There is such a large variety of fruits in the market that one can never have enough. Fruits make my mouth water as would a chocolate fudge cake water the mouth of a chocolate lover.

Most people's heaven

My Heaven


My best recollection of tea parties at my parent’s home are from the kitchen, looking at my mother cut various fruits to make the most scrumptious fruit chaat. To date nobody has ever been able to beat my mother’s fruit chaat which remains most popular amongst all family members and friends and remains an important part of the tea parties at home. Cutting fruits in an orderly fashion is an art. I remember how long and tedious the task seemed to me, yet my mother took delight in the activity with an expression of pleasure and satisfaction on her radiant face like a performer at ease on stage.

Even though I have always been a big foodie myself having strong interest in cooking and baking, I never attempted to make fruit chaat on my own and even though I have always appreciated the finest cuisines of the world, especially Thai and Pakistani cuisines, nothing can be compared to a big bowl of fruit chaat. Yes! The term fruit chaat specifically defines the way my mother mixes fruits with dashes of certain secret ingredients and not just any fruits cut in a bowl.  

not my mother's fruit chat

Having been married recently and moving out of my parents’ home, I learnt that not only did my mother’s fruit chaat help me increase my love for fruits but it also inspired me to live a healthy lifestyle.

I learnt anyone can manage any tedious activity as long as there is willingness to learn and access to resources.

The art of cutting fruits in an orderly fashion and making fruit chaat was on the top of my list. So I started my shopping for fruits on my way to make the perfect fruit chaat as my mothers.

 At the same time, I also learnt how to avoid food marketing deceptions and make healthy choices.  

First attempt at fruit chaat was unimaginable and pathetic! Not even near to my mother’s way of making fruit chaat. I was most disappointed. I felt as if I had failed in carrying forward my mother’s tradition.

I calmed myself down and took a deep breath. I immediately recalled the secret ingredients and made a second attempt. And there it was, almost like magic! I had learnt my mother’s way of making the perfect fruit chaat- I was happier than a tornado in a trailer park. Needless to say, fruit chaat is an integral part of my new life and what could be better since my husband enjoys it too.

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3 Responses to Guest Post: My Mom’s Fruit Chat by Saneeya Moin

  1. Aaliya says:

    very well written….I really enjoyed reading it

  2. Rabeeya Moin says:

    well written!
    and i love mommy’s fruit chaat :), its the best ever!!

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