food hunting made easy

Television without pity is my touchstone for tv news and recaps. IMDB for movies. And Tv tropes for to explain it all. fulfills my fashion needs

I get all my news from express tribune.

Karachi snob helps me shop.

But its sad that a foodie like me does not have a go to food site. Iget some recipes from epicurious, food porn daily has pretty pictures, karachi snob has an adequate list of restaurants. But mostly i have to google.

Untill now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I recently came across Food Connection Pakistan and fell in love.

It hasn’t launched yet but the prelaunch certainly whets my appetite.

All the little subsections look intriguing but the things i’m most excited about are:

I follow a lot of food blogs. But none are from Pakistan. It would be nice to read about people who shop from the same places and have access to the same ingredients.

 While none of my own food pictures are contest worthy, yet, even drooling over other peoples photos will be fun.

I write reviews!

The site is supposed to launch sometime in May. I can’t wait!!!!!

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